Plugin developer for hire

I wanted to know if you could develop a plugin for so my users can send push notifications to each other. Ive been trying to use the onesignal plugins but I’ve been having trouble getting player ID’s back to my bubble database. If you can develop a plugin that does that then that would b awesome. Also what price would it cost for you to develop a plugin like that?

Hi, I can help diagnose the problem if you’ve had a go at it. Note I haven’t been able to test with a suitable iOS device yet.

You’ll probably be interested in this topic…

for now I don’t care about ios because I’m only testing on android but ya i would love your help is their something I should do like create a test app so you can diagnose the problem?

Yes good idea, there’s also the configuration on OneSignal that needs to match.
Does your app have a custom domain name (yet)?

this is my domain for the project I’m trying to get onesignal to work on

Okay, next steps …

  • Create a test app on the Hobby plan - one that you can throw away after learning everything from it. Don’t put any design work into it : )
  • Settings > General > Application rights > Change from “Private app” to “Everyone can edit”
  • Send me a PM with the link to the app editor.

The app editor plugins will expose your OneSignal app details (App-ID and API Auth), so you want to limit who sees them. The good news is, the API Auth token can be changed.

I’ll help you setup a working test app with your own account, and guide you through the extra steps to putting it on your main app.

Then you can pay me what its worth to you. :wink:

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sorry I just got back on bubble