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[NEW PLUGIN] PayFast South African Payment Gateway

This Plugin enables you to integrate the PayFast Payment Gateway popularly used in South Africa. You can easily set this up to enable your users to pay with Instant EFT, Credit and Debit Cart Payments

Demo -

Plugin Link - Payfast Plugin | Bubble

Plugin Link - Payfast Plugin | Bubble

Hi @adaptmainone, not sure how Payfast works, but I got one question.

Why are the Merchant ID and the Merchant Key exposed on the client-side?

Have you contemplated the possibility of sending the workflow via server-side action and not exposing these keys on the client side? Or there’s any specific reason why these fields are stored in the database instead of secret keys?

Hi @yusaney1 . Thank you for that observation. The Merchant ID and Merchant Key are the identifiers of the receiving merchant and in this setup, are received from the database. This setup illustrates a SAAS example in which your merchants can enter their merchant ID and Merchant KEY and receive payments.

These keys are not secret keys like API Keys that could be used maliciously and are only used to receive money.

can you tell me a little more about the server side workflow, maybe that will be more ideal. Thanks again for picking that up :slight_smile: