Plugin PayPal by Copilot or other

Hello everyone, my team and I would need some advice on with PayPal because we downloaded and used the most downloaded and used PayPal by Copilot plugin on site of users but it doesn’t work: the error that is generated during the payment phase is that it does not log into my PayPal account or that of the others in the Team telling us that the login credentials (user and / or password) are incorrect, but instead there is some other problem because the login credentials are correct (we have tried and used them several times, even today, on other sites), not even credit cards work. Please do you have any advice to give us while remaining on the page, maybe some of you have downloaded and use some other PayPal Plugin for, we have already tried others but without having found a solution. Thank you all.

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I also am experiencing same problem. Any solution @francesco-luciano