SelectPDF only prints first page

SelectPDF plugin only prints the first page in A4 or any other page size. Was anyone able to print multiple pages? My current bubble page is atleast 2 pages long.
Thank you

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I have figured out the way to print multiple pages. But can someone tell me how to set the page height accounding to content of the page?

How did you print more than one page?

Make the base page length longer than one page.

Have you figured out a way to make the height dynamic?
I dont want it to make blank pages, but i dont want it to cut off the content

I have not found a way yet.

Hi @balle.emil, @anthony.lyon, I had the same issue with the RG of my print’s page. Only the first page (first cell) was visible.

I change the “rendering engine” (in the pdf workflow) to Blink instead of Webkit. Now my page height get dynamically adjusted before getting converted. My default print page have a height of 1447px and a fix width of 1024px (it’s de default width using by Selectpdf) for A4 size.

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Thanks for suggesting. I will try soon.

can anyone help around why I can not change the rendering engine for the plugin. i could change it earlier but it has disappeared now

@anthony.lyon I don’t see an option for “base page length”. Is this still an option or did Bubble remove it?


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Hi i solved this problem changing the container layout of the page to Fixed, the pdf generator page size to legal and time up to 30 seconds