Need Help With QR Code Generate(Straight To The Point)


I have submitted my idea to a VC and they would like to see a MVP. My app requires the use of a QR code but I something happen to Bubble’s QR code plugin. So that leaves me with very little QR code plugins that have good documentation. The one I’m currently using is from Zeroqode.

I visited the old form about their app however, it has proved little help. The documentation doesn’t help me or example app which doesn’t tell jack. Right now I’m flustered to the point I want to punch a hole in the wall as I’m running out of time.

Please, I don’t need hints, I just need straight to the point how to get the QR set up as there is a lack of information on the net.

Do you need to generate QR Codes? If you can, explain better what you need.

I have a stopped QR Code generation plugin but I don’t know if it would work for you.


I need the following

  • Setting up The QR Code generator because it’s just a dead end
  • How to get the price, name, etc in the QR code

Encode this to QR Code
[email protected]@data3@date4

When Decode

text data:split by"@"
item #1 = product name
item #2 = price
and so on.

This is very very straight to the point already.

Not to me.

I need a step by step. For me, I can’t really just be thrown some junk and be told “he build a house.” with very little instructions. For example, encode where, how and what? I’m going to need a little more than that. This is my problem with most of the QR code APIs and some times asking help on the forums. I don’t have a programming background and I’m giving answers like I have one.

Since this is keeping me from moving on I’m just going to throw a fake QR code. Well this lessen my MVP? Yes, but I can’t be stressed like this as I need to add the other three features.

On serious notes.

  1. You are still very far from developed an MVP, not to say the MVP that is “investable”
  2. You as a person also far from considered an resolute founder.

I am not throwing you some “junk”

have your bubble generate data in a this format:
have your bubble then decode with text:split by “@” to extract data.

This is SUPER Straght forward already
Encode / Decode QR please follow the QR Plugin you choose.

Do i have to actually create you the MVP which u going to present to your invester?

Did you complete the Fundamental Bubble course?
Did you practice bubbling dev, before you engage investor?
Did you prepare yourself before you telling the world you going to deliver an MVP?

Should i start the step by step from

  1. Turn on PC
  2. click “Google Chrome”
  3. go to url
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I was using junk as an example for materials random and I wasn’t saying you were throwing junk at me. More like someone turn this raw junk into something usable as just an example to how I feel.

The MVP itself doesn’t have to be functional as I have discussed with them but more of a visual element. There are reasons for this. I have practiced Bubble in the past. I’m glad that I came back to it as there is plenty of tutorials and tips now than in the past. I was doing actually pretty well as I had already built several pages on my MVP and solved many issues on my own. The problem I’m having is the QR code which I can’t seem to solve.

I did have a MVP built on Bubble but at the last second I approached them with another idea instead (ideas are acceptable) and after the pitch they wanted me to build a visual prototype.

I’m not asking for someone to build my app for me. If I did I would have paid someone to do it. I have slower issues with learning and need someone to break down something non-business related to me. The reason I’m getting frustrated is because I spent longer on this issue way more than I needed.

Like I said my issue wasn’t with you or anyone here but the fact there is a lack of proper guides for the plugins I tried to use especially since I notice some elements missing from it . I just came to the conclusion since I’m getting stressed over something that in the end doesn’t matter as I want to move to a more complicated but less stressful portion of the app.

i am building a QR code Menu apps.
which deeply revolve around QR Code

i have try 4~5 QR plugin in Bubble Plugin library.
All of them proven very easy to use.


in this plug in, IT just ask, DATA you want to convert into QR code…
You just need another plugin that can scan and READ QR to get the data.

the reader will return data in this format (like i suggested) data1@data2@data3
Then u tell bubble to split it into meaningful data

Please dont tell me i need to do a Youtube tutorial for this

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Okay, my mind is refreshed from the weekend.

I see what you were telling me. When you were using the term “encoding,” to me that meant several things which left me confused. I just refer to it as Dynamic Data. I was getting upset as thought I was getting another “Start at B rather than A.” answer.

I’ll try to experiment with it this weekend once I get the other pages and elements done. Thank you showing me what you were trying to say.