New Plugin ➡️ Reset Data of an Input

Hi there!

I just released a super-simple plugin on the marketplace, that allows you to reset the value of an input by specifying its HTML ID.
Currently, it is only possible to “Reset relevant Inputs”, and you’re not able to choose the one you would like to reset.

With this plugin, you can reset the values of :

  • Inputs (any types like text, email, number…)
  • Multiline Inputs
  • Dropdowns
  • Search boxs (including geographical places)

In only 2 steps :

  1. Specify the HTML ID if the Input you would like to reset (don’t forget to enable HTML ID attributes in the settings)
  2. Add the workflow action “Reset Data of an Input”. Specify the HTML ID you set up at step n°1, and choose the Input type (Input/Multiline Input, Dropdown, Search box)

You can see a demo here :

The editor is available here : Reset-data-of-input | Bubble Editor

And the plugin page : Reset Data of an Input Plugin | Bubble

Happy bubbling! :partying_face:

you can already reset a input by adding a group around it… or does this add more?

It does not add more, but this method is more a “trick” than a real solution.
This plugin only provides a cleaner way to do it!

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