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Reset inputs not working

Hi all,

So I’m building my first app and I succeeded in getting a lot of things to work, but there’s one thing that I’m still failing at: resetting my relevant inputs. Could anyone spare a moment to have a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong? It should be really simple, right?

where do you need the reset input?

The add/edit category, add/edit product buttons show a popup, that’s where I use the input fields

could you share your editor like this i can just see the app…or try to right on the reset input only when name of the input in not empty …if it does not work there is an option reset group data on group section …it may do what you need

i can just read it go to settings a change the option so i can modify the workflow:)

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@Bruno27 I’m not sure if you’re still looking into it, but what I meant to get fixed was the cancel buttons within the add product & -category popups. So when cancel is clicked → reset relevant inputs

done for the input on the pop up product trying to understand how is your dropdown menu working

It’s a custom one, used this tutorial: Custom Dropdowns | Tutorial - YouTube

Basically to reset those inputs you’d have to reset the value of the concerning custom states

done check your pop up product and set the state to be empty on the second dropdown which i did not reset the rest is working i guess

I see, so you use reset data instead of reset relevant inputs! Thanks a lot!


no problem;)