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(NEW Plugin) Screen, Camera and Audio Recorder

Thanks, where did the once off payment option for the Plugin go? I don’t do subscriptions for plugins. I am sure it was there when I asked the question originally.

Hi @christo1 !
Indeed you’re right, it was there a couple weeks ago, so you were not seeing things :wink:

Anyway, we’re now focusing on plugins as a service, with ongoing support, bugfixes and upgrades to the plugin, both requested by you, for example your requested feature to prevent unmuting and stuff proactively made by us, since we always have a lot of ideas on new things to build, just not enough manpower to build all of them at once :sweat_smile:

In other words, we’re not having “abandonware”, which are plugins without support nor improvements over time.

However, to maintain this ongoing effort we need ongoing payments :yum: so we’re adopting this model.
If I make this subscription cheaper for you than the one time fee, would you consider subscribing? If not, would you please be kind enough to share with me why? Can be in a private message.

Thank you for the interest nonetheless! :blush:

Seems like the demo doesn’t work. Tried to record screen +audio, but nothing happened after click on “Record screen”.

Tried at chrome and opera

Tried from another laptop and everything worked fine. At the first laptop it didn’t even asked permission for the camera and microphone

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Thank you, we have tested further, and as long as the user gives permission to record via the browser, the plugin should record

Do you have any plans to add a mobile record option? And will you ever expand beyond Chrome?

Thank you for getting in touch @guy.blueoceans - for the moment we are keeping this to Chrome only.

Just a quick update on the Screen, Camera and Audio Recorder Plugin.

Added functionality:
-Can change shape of camera from rectangle and circle
-Changed aspect ratio of camera so it isn’t stretched


  • List item * New actions: Initialize.

  • New events: Start recording, Video available

  • Faster recording start.

  • The recording will start even if webcam and screen are disabled.

  • Webcam width/height has changed to 1/8 of screen width/height.

  • If the webcam doesn’t fill the full available size it will be filled with black background.

  • It is now possible to reactivate webcam or screen while recording, if the user has blocked its use, by removing the permission denied and then turn off and on the device.

Love the functionality but I have a concern about the security of the file on the backend. I see you have Privacy rules in place on the Bubble DB but with the S3 link, I can access the video from any machine. How do I secure the content?


Hi Treb! File must be uploaded as “private”, which means “attached to a thing”, this way there will be no access to the normal S3 link. If this is not happening, then some bug is present :wink:

Is there a more detailed doc that includes that tip and more on how to set it up? It’s too easy to miss stuff just looking at the editor. A Loom of a build out would be awesome.

If I can ensure the content created is secure, I’m all in.

Lastly, by putting it in a thing, how is this counted against my Bubble storage?


I went back through everything in the editor and I don’t see any way to make it private.