📁 [+NEW PLUGIN] Speed Pages for your bubble apps

Speed pages aim to faster page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links and manually added URLs. The pages will load faster because part of the data will be downloaded before the user navigates to that page.

Demo: Speed pages | Plugin Demo
Editor: Speedpages | Bubble Editor
Plugin: Speed Pages Plugin | Bubble

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Does this decrease in app page change times.

Not the initial load time, right?

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Hello @jared.gibb, the plugin prefetches the links that find in your pages (or those you may want to add manually).

But the first page to load (which usually is index) can’t be prefetched for obvious reasons, but that prefetches the others, which will load faster.

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Does this work just for elements or the actual data coming from the database as well?

@yusaney1 are there any benchmarks or examples available of the speedup? Or even just showing what caches it’s populating? Not sure if this has any noticeable impact right now.

Hello, the prefetching connects with the URL to download the page “references”. So basically, the browser doesn’t have to wait/search to get the “paths”, and then previsualizing the page.
Using this plugin, the browser will know before the page loads where it needs to search to get the data and fill the page directly.

Hello, you can see the difference here:

Without the plugin:

With the plugin:

(Plus, plugins in demo-test apps aren’t cached, making the app slower than it should, but still faster than without the plugin).

Went from 0.741 seconds to 0.527 (29% faster). Obviously, this depends on each page size, elements, content, etc…

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