We have been build everyday for 8 days. Need guidance using api connector with Twilio

Hello, bubble community, my name is Malachi and I am the CEO of a startup from Tuskegee Alabama, this is my first post.

I worked all day attempting to connect the bubble API connector with Twilio. My goal is to create a workflow that sends the current user a text message when they order an NFC Link from us. I have already created the ordering process and the dashboard for fulfilling the orders. I just need some guidance on getting the SMS message to send to the user via Twilio once the NFC has been dropped off at the pickup location.

I keep getting errors about the “To” parameter and the body parameter. I know the body shouldn’t be empty but everything that I have tried has not worked. The images of my API connector screen are below.

Please help & thank you in advance.

The Error messages that I keep receiving are “Message body is required” & “The destination ‘To’ phone number is required to send an SMS”

Hi @parlaydm.llc,

Try using Form-Data. You’re also missing the ‘Body’ field.


@lantzgould It worked!!! Thank you!

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Hello @lantzgould, would you happen to know if this setup would work for a 2-way SMS messaging system as well? Basically if the receiver responds back to the sender as an SMS from his/her mobile phone I should be able to see the SMS in my webapp or my (Sender’s) phone. Appreciate any help with a workflow example. I’m struggling with copilot and zeroquode plugins for a 2-way system.