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[PLUGIN UPDATE] - Date & Timezone Tools v2

Date & Timezone Tools has been revamped and updated. This plugin lets you work with local dates & times as they relate to UTC (Universal Time Code). Useful when you need to know what local timezone your users are working in and to translate those dates to a common timezone (UTC or otherwise)

Some useful features were added to simplify implementation and reduce confusion. Bug fixes were also added.

This update is a total overhaul from the v1 plugin and requires that you replace all existing page elements and rebuild existing expressions.

New features:

  • Get the name of the user’s timezone i.e. “America/New York” (no IE11 - works in modern browsers)
  • Returns a date directly from the plugin rather than just a UTC offset value in hours.
  • Returns a unix timestamp output
  • New demo page that more-clearly shows the functionalities of the plugin
  • General polishing of the UI / better labeling of functionalities

Bug fixes:

  • Fix page element outputs that were getting ‘locked up’
  • Corrected offset values in certain situations

Hi Jon, it says I don’t have permission to view the editor of the demo page, is that still possible? I’m just confused how the elements and actions work together

The view permissions needed to be set on the demo app. See if you can view now.

I sure can. Thank you very much.

Does this works with daylight savings time?

Right now I’m Eastern Daylight time and I show a -20 offset. (I thought it would be -4)

Does this mean when I go back to eastern standard time my offset will be -19?

EDIT: I guess I show a 4 offset. Forgive me. I cannot for the life of me figure out how I got -20

It’s back to displaying -20 as my offset. can’t figure out why?

Can you send me a view link to the editor?

I have a plugin author as my one collab right now. However I haven’t been able to reproduce it in the last 2 days (it’s been 4 and -4)

Maybe it was vpn related (Although currently logging in on my vpn reads 4 and -4)

The time is pulled from your browser/system. It may be possible that the VPN has the authority to change this based on your config although I’ve not personally heard of anything like that

So one clue: I logged in at 11:55pm and it was 20 and -20 – after midnight it went back to 4 and -4

It’s 10:15pm here EST and I’m showing 20 and -20 again. I will try to remember to check at 7pm and after 8pm (when my time zone is different date than the UTC.)

i had an amazon s3 issue with that: