Tooltips Plugins

I can’t get tooltips to display from the Air Tooltip or Tooltips plugins. I have made my ID Attribute “update-button” and input all the necessary fields for both plugins, but no tooltip displays. Has anyone else had issues with these plugins, if so how did you resolve them?

Yes, I believe I experience the same issue.

I’ve installed air tooltip by Seanhoots and Tooltips by Copilot, but they only work on some of my pages. On the others, they don’t display at all.

As can be seen in the image below, the tooltip works on some pages and I know how to configure them to fire, but on some pages they just won’t. Any ideas on why?

I had troubles as well with it.

Here is the best way to put it: just choose tooltip from condition.

This is a good work around, however it doesn’t exactly solve the issue of tooltips not functioning as expected.

I have an continue to experience issues with the plugin. Not sure if @seanhoots is actively maintaining the plugin so would be able to lend some thoughts or ideas as to the reasoning for the issue, or push out a fix for the problem.

From my experiences the plugin works sporadically. So sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t with not explanation for why it does and doesn’t.

Right now, my issue is that I am wishing to use it extensively as it is a great plugin overall and the best choice in my opinion for the functionality ( haven’t tested a paid plugin yet ).

Specifically, I am having a problem with one instance of my use and it is a bit frustrating as I have spent about an hour obsessing over figure out why it isn’t working on just one of a half dozen on the same page. More frustrating, is that as I move the group that is to trigger the tooltip away from the location the group is supposed to based on design it works.

It is really strange, because obviously the tooltip works on the page, but it doesn’t work correctly based on the location of the element that triggers the tooltip. I have tried sending the group to the back, front, and front and back again and again to see if that could affect it, but it doesn’t.

Hoping to figure this out so I could make great use of the plugin.

I ran into this too and ended up using the Tippy library directly, rather than a plugin. So far, I’ve not run into a situation where it hasn’t worked. See my reply here for details: Custom Tooltip Hover - #4 by shawnmollen

I Guess the Air Tooltip and tooltips works well in not Responsive Page