New plugin - Typewriter Text

For me only the first statement is shown, but the others I filled in on the editor never come i.e, the first statement does not delete itself.
Please help.


Feel free to PM me a link to your app

Hi @exception-rambler,

Thanks for the speedy response.
It seems the text was too long, as i shortened my first statement from around 60 to 40 characters.
Would be great to have more text.

I really like your plugin.


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Hi @exception-rambler
Just implemented your plugin and it looks/works great! Thanks a lot!

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Also implemented the plugin and it works well! Thank you for creating an amazing tool. :star_struck:@exception-rambler

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But how do you make it work?. Where and how can you implement it? I cannot find any instruction

You should be able to install directly from your application… just hit the plug-in button from your toolbox

how to apply the effect on the multiline input or rich editor?
or will it only work on the dedicated typewriter text tool?

Also, how to stop it from deleting the output?

Hi @exception-rambler,this plugin is fantastic and exactly what I had been looking for! I was curious as to whether there was a way to change the text pause after just one of the lines/if there was a way to make a condition based on what the current value of the text was?

Hi , when i add it to my editor and try to run it in the version-test mode it doesn’t show me anything ?

Why is that the case ?

here’s the app link - Shodh By Arthavruksha

The typewriter text should appear just below the text called “Having features such as”

It shows this message to me in the debug mode

@exception-rambler great plugin!

Are there any chances that you’d make this plugin responsive?

@exception-rambler Thanks for the awesome plugin!

Is there a way to separate dynamic text inputted in “Typed statement 1” ?

I have dynamic data results of AI prompt, and the text I get from the plugin is without any line separation. (It’s a json file with /n as a separation).

I tried to format it in a lot of ways but always got the same result.

Would appreciate any help!