[New Plugin] URL Modifier + Parameters

A new paid plugin to modify URLs containing parameters much more easily. This lets you modify a page URL ‘client-side’ and lets you easily create, update, & delete multiple parameters in a URL without affecting any existing parameters in the URL. Similarly, you can modify a URL path without affecting any existing parameters. Hope others find this as useful as I have



Whats the purpose of this plugin?
Bubble makes it very easy to read in parameters when building an app using the get data from a page URL, feature. This plugin makes it easy to modify the address bar URL and to make changes to many different parameters without disturbing any existing parameters. Modifying a URL happens in the user’s browser and doesn’t require making a request to the server. You could, for example:

  • create, update page states and store them into the URL with parameters while the user is working on the page so they can be recalled if the page must be reloaded.
  • save a URL parameter changes into the browser history so your user can go back to previous states of the page
  • Working with parameters can save server overhead and since reading parameters work natively with bubble, its easy to accomplish

check out the example app for more