[NEW PLUGIN] Videochat / Record video and interact more (Soon)


My name is John and Im the founder of VideoReach, a new Video plugin for Bubble.

The service will let you use live and recorded video to convert visitors and help and support new and current users.

Track all your current visitors/logged in users live and send invites (Popup) where you can do Video chat right on the webpage or show your availability for a video call.

The second part of the service well let you record short videos and trigger them on different parts of your site depending on custom rules (URL, Time delay etc) This part will be developed later.

Its early on the development and we have a working video chat prototype and now we want to focus on the interactive part (Tracking, triggers and interactivity)

If you think this may be a good fit for your company, we welcome you the check out our page.

The link for the plugin page is

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Very interesting. I’m likely a potential customer. Is this available now or soon? What’s the latest update on it?