My app just went semi-viral and it's slowing to a crawl!

So a couple hours ago, I made a Reddit post to a relevant sub asking for beta users for my app. It has since had over 1000 unique sessions (like I said- SEMI viral) and the site has slowed to a crawl with between 20-30 concurrent users. Luckily the comments have been very understanding. Going forward, if I purchase a Professional plan for $69, will I have to pay more for added capacity? If so, how much? Or does the Professional plan include extra capacity?

During the dev process, I was very happy with the performance- it was almost instantaneous in 95% of the operations, but since I was never able to stress test it, this slowdown was a pretty big surprise to me. Will adding “capacity”/upgrading to Pro actually benefit my app?

I don’t know about upgrading if it will help,
but from my experience, most slow performance can be fixed with improving your app structure.
Are you using the database a lot? creating adding removing new things …etc?
Are you using “do search for” a lot?
in general it is always better to use custom states, less usage of the database …etc ( not only this but it is a start)

search on the forum about performance , there a lot of good stuff here about this.
Maybe it is good idea to post a link of your website here so people can give you better tips.
Good luck

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What I understand is that you are not on a dedicated plan (reserved capacity). So you are sharing the server capacity with other app on the same cluster. IF I remember, Bubble have something to avoid an app to use all the cluster capacity and will limit the speed of the app. So going to a pro plan will help a lot. But this may be not enough and reading about how to handle performance issue may also give a good upgrade.

in last case, you can add more server capacity

This is how it looks, I think 2 additional unit from plan before, extra unit is $20 per month. I will be interested to know if your performance gets better please write about it after.

Yes, I’m aware of the dev’s responsibility for their app’s performance. My question is about the performance, capabilities and payment structure of Bubble. Since the app’s performance during the dev process was satisfactory, I had no way of gauging the performance under load. Outside of hacking together better performance in my app, I need to know what my options are for making my app work better.

I don’t have any outrageous concurrent queries, I’m mostly curious about what exactly the Professional plan offers and if that will help in my situation.

You not (but all user yes). But other app in the same cluster yes.
When you are on personnal or hobby plan you have a base server capacity shared with some others app. (For example, 4 apps). So I guess that Bubble have something to prevent an app to use 90% of all the server capacity and will limit it to 25% (fictive number, but Bubble team may answer this).
Now, when you go on a Pro plan or more, you Get reserved capacity server. So instead of sharing it with other app, you have your own capacity and you will be able to reach 100% of it.

What you experience is exactly what is reported in thi topic:

You need to check the capacity utilization of your server. If your app reaches 100% maximum capacity with a batch of concurrent users, then it’s time to upgrade your app. On the other hand, the phenomenon of becoming ‘viral’ lasts only a few hours or days. It’s a good time. If your financial means allow, take up a maximum capacity for one month, and evaluate during this period. At renewal, reduce or keep the same plan. And yes, we need capacity on request.


Yes. My question is about what exactly “adding capacity” does. I’ve heard accounts of upgrading past Personal or adding capacity actually degrading performance during peak traffic. My question was about the specifics- I’m not going to blindly throw money at the problem w/o knowing what the upgrade offers or how it works.

Bubble has an excessively affordable price-performance ratio if I compare with other advanced solutions. Reserving capacity in relation to the basic solution is a topic already discussed. It seems that it is less fast in terms of speed but constant with several simultaneous users. This situation is not very clear and precise. For the moment, Bubble focus to make things more efficient. The future will tell us.

Jesus. I’m not suggesting Bubble doesn’t offer a good value prop. I’ll say this again- I’m asking a very specific question. You’re just saying seemingly random words that don’t answer my question.

This will help answer your question, but the answer will be the same, it all depends on how you mounted your application, the number of queries to the database, etc. There are no fixed numbers.

As far as I’m aware it just increases the amount of operations you’re allowed to do per minute if you add capacity. So right now on the personal plan you’re allowed to perform X amount of work per minute, once you pass that threshold, you’re app will still run, but the rate that it runs is much slower. This is so you don’t take too much of the servers computing power in any given moment.

Now if you add capacity, it increase that threshold. Now you can perform X amount of operations per minute. So, adding extra capacity should increase your page loads per minute before being throttled. That’s my perspective.

Adding capacity touches two essential points. Slightly aumgente the speed of operation (cpu clock), and allows to process more tasks at the same time (multi-threading). I did the 40 credits test a few months ago, my app was faster obviously, and the apis execution process went from 20 seconds to 2 seconds (which was very slow in my opinion at that time). By learning how to do things right, and how to make the most of the Workflows APIs, your users gain in interface speed (they won’t wait).

This will help answer your question… but the answer will be the same, it all depends on how you mounted your application, the number of queries to the database, etc. There are no fixed numbers.

Obviously, as a developer, I’m partially responsible for my app’s performance. I’m not asking about what I can do to optimize my app, I’m asking about the performance implication/options in upgrading my plan. You keep answering questions that I’m not asking. Just stop dude.

Thank you @steven.junio91, that was actually a helpful reply! Do these “added capacity” options last for just an hour at a time? Or do they stay with your plan? What’s the cost associated with the extra capacity units?

Thanks for your help!

Check Daniels post. You have options to add capacity boosts for an hour at a time included in the Professional Plan. Or purchase extra capacity on a month by month basis for $20 per Unit of capacity. I’m not sure there’s a great way to add capacity during viral moments without paying for a whole month.

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So, you think the “Initial capacity:2 units” is the amount of units that comes with the “Personal” plan and the “Professional” plan still only comes with 2 units but you’re able to buy more units at $20/mo? Am I getting that right?

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Gotcha! Ok, this is making sense now!