Slow&Laggy Editor with New responsive

I’m sufferring extremely laggy editor with new responsive[beta]… Actually it is taking 3 seconds even only to open property window for one element.
Unfortunately I have no idea why…
Does anyone have same issue? If yes, I would be bery happy if you share your know-how to solve this!

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Having same issue. No solution yet unfortunately. The editor is eating up 50%+ of my laptop’s memory/CPU.

What’s strange is it only blows up on a specific reusable element I have.

I submitted a bug report to the Bubble team. Until they respond it’s extremely frustrating.

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I was having some problems but found that clearing out any “issues” really helped.

Or, to put another way, when I had more than like 5 issues it bogged down like crazy.

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The problem got less worse with having had ungrouped and regrouped almost all elements after all! Was a nightmare…

okay. no wonder it bog down my apps now. got to clear the issue first i guess