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New responsive engine: step forward?

Hey guys. I wanted to share some thoughts about the new responsive engine and hear what others have to say about it.

I’m still new to Bubble but not in web development. I’ve been creating websites for 20 years. I started working with Bubble recently, and one of the things that attracted me was the possibility to create by clicking, dragging and dropping things. This gives a freedom to the design creation part.

But, with the launch of the responsive engine recently, I felt almost obligated to use it for new projects. After all, this is the “Future of Bubble”. And I saw that now that freedom was lost. Now we have to do everything with much more prior planning. I know that in terms of results it should be a step forward. But honestly in terms of development work it feels like a step backwards to me. I almost feel like I’ve gone back to working in that very old way in basic HTML using tables. The older ones in the area will perhaps understand the reference.

I know it must be very complicated, and don’t know if its even possible, but the ideal for me would be an improvement in responsiveness without us having to lose that freedom of drag and drop.

Am I wrong and missing something? Or this new engine might not be that “future” at all?

I’d personally disagree with that statement completely… from my experience the new responsive editor makes it much easier to build and modify pages, whereas with the old editor much more planning was needed as it was significantly more difficult to make even simple changes to an existing page.

For example, with the old editor if you wanted to add an extra button somewhere in the middle of a complicated page, you’d have to manually resize the container element, and manually move every single container and element below it by the required amount (which if you have a complicated page is time consuming and easy to make an error). Where as now you can just draw in the new button, and the entire page will re-adjust automatically - saving a significant amount of work and stress, compared to the old way.

Want to delete the new button? Again, in the old editor you’d have to manually change the position of everything on the page below it - but now you can just just delete it and the rest of the page will re-adjust.

Or if you want to move/swap two container elements positions on the page. In the old editor that was a real pain - now you can just reposition them in the container using the next/previous buttons, and they move in an instant.

Way simpler, much less time-consuming, less prone to human errors, and less of a need to plan so far ahead, as it’s much easier to modify pages - certainly from my experience.


Thanks for answering. Yeah, you’re probably right about that. I was thinking much more about “drawing” the design ideia, and making things easily exactly where I wanted them to be. But I understand your point. It makes sense.