[New Super Plugin]: XlsxBuilder-Excel template to Xlsx

Dear Bubblers,

:tada: I am happy to introduce you to our new plugin, XlsxBuilder :tada:
It is a user-friendly tool for creating dynamic XLSX files from Excel templates.
It is very easy to customize spreadsheets, you just need to add ${your_tag} into an excel file.

You will be able to pass single data tag like “your_tag” and list item like “parent.children_tag” just setting the Key/value :nerd_face:.
If you need more flexibility you can add custom Json data :sunglasses:.

XlsxBuilder offers :
:white_check_mark: unlimited Xlsx
:white_check_mark: Set by “add another Key/value”
:white_check_mark: JSON integration
:white_check_mark: no API required
:white_check_mark: time saved

:arrow_right: Check out the plugin page: Plugin Page

Good luck!!! :muscle: