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[New Template] Equina Full Calendar Application

Hey everyone,

I am really excited about this template. A number of people requested a scheduling template based on my app Equina. So, I decided to create this full calendar template – it is essentially a google calendar equivalent, and packed with features and ready to use. Uses only one paid plugin (ICS maker).

Link to template page: Here

NOTE: The Demo account has conditions to limit making changes so as to keep it clean. To play around freely, you can create a test account. :slight_smile:

Features include:

  • Simple database structure: 3 datatypes and 6 option sets
  • Day, Week, Month, and Year views
  • Google sign up/in (need to put your API keys to work)
  • Export entire calendars as Ical file (uses paid ICS Make plugin)
  • Ability to share calendars between users of your app, and control Edit privileges of events
  • App theme: user can change between dark vs light theme
  • Color code calendars
  • Create Recurring events
  • Schedule Event Reminders (Email and SMS via Twilio - need to put your API keys to work)


Light Theme (Month view)

Dark Theme (Month view)

Week View Calendar

Day View Calendar

Year View Calendar

Add a Calendar Popup

Add Event Popup

Edit Calendar Settings Popup

Account page

Let me know if you have any questions.




Thanks @muneer.hameer for this!

It looks like I’m struggling to load in the template. I have just tried it twice and it won’t seem to load. All I get is the boilerplate.

Hi. Thanks for acquiring the template.

That’s odd. @eve is there an issue with people acquiring templates?

The template and demo site still working on my end. I would also file a bug report with bubble.

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No issues that we’re aware of! @maxlouiscreative, as Muneer mentioned, could you please file a bug report with reproducible steps so that our team can investigate?

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Hey Eve,

Still yet to find a solution to this one. Any chance you could take a look? I filed a bug report when you suggested to do so :slight_smile:. We have an internal testing phase coming up we need to use it for.


Hey @muneer.hameer !

Thanks for the template!

There is an issue in the weekly view. It always starts on the Week of December 27, 2020 instead of the beginning of the current week.

Question: how do we configure the calendar so that it always shows the date of the current week?



Thanks for pointing that out. I updated the calendar template to fix that issue.

For your purposes, see attached screenshots to make the updates. You need to make two changes to workflows. See blow PM if you have any questions.

CHANGE 1: In the “//custom-schedule.txt is clicked” workflow, edit Step 2’s state value

CHANGE 2: In the “Page is loaded” workflow ADD a new Action after “Scroll to calendar”


Amazing thanks a lot! I’ll share our result when it’s finished!

Great, looking forward to see it.

Nice template, just wondering: Did you implement full calendar by your self, built a plugin for it or did you manage to style the bubble Full Calendar plugin to your likings?

Hi thanks! It’s repeating groups based calendars

Cool nicely done. If I may ask is it pure no-code or did you use a JavaScript based approach to implement this calendar based on repeating groups. I read something about a calendar view like that on the forum before? Thanks for your reply

Yes, it’s JavaScript based approach to populate dates but rest of design is all no-code

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