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Full Calendar Scheduler Suite Demo

Welcome to the Full Calendar Scheduler Suite demo! This will be a progressing demo app to showcase ALL of the individual elements that come shipped with this plugin. This will be packaged as a template soon but for now can be used as a model or to copy/paste if you really dig it!

Right now, the demo is set up like a Calendly clone with more work being done daily! Again, the idea is to demonstrate the power of the plugin. More features and demonstrations will be added in the future.

The plugin comes with:

  • A highly customizable Full Calendar with dynamic timezone support and resource views (and so so much more!)

this calendar accepts as many data sources as you want to tie together!!!

  • Cross timezone Time Slot Generator & Filter (incredibly flexible, powerful, and perform at)
  • Availability Coordinator
  • Date/Time picker
  • A secondary event calendar / date picker
  • Authenticate with Google API calls
  • Offline Google Calendar API calls
  • Date range generator (to create “daily hours” a to use with the Timeslot generator)
  • Google event fixer (get your event colors from google and output more nicely for the calendar)
  • Calendar date generator (for custom calendars with RG)

I encourage you to check it out but the basic flow is

Authenticate with google
Create a schedule
Share the link
Check your calendar
Receive emails with event info

So much more to be added but I couldn’t wait to share!!!

Check it out!

Demo Page - Calendly with Full Calendar

Plugin Docs

so incomplete but helpful still. The Calendar is almost completely documented. The other areas are lacking but coming in the next month.

Plugin Page

Shout out to @rico.trevisan for the landing page design. I highly recommend anyone go to him for design support. Seriously!

So, more will be added and updated. I’ll keep update to a per page basis. There’s just so many dang configurations possible I don’t know where to start next!


:muscle: Congrats on putting this together.

Thanks for the shoutout. Let me get my hands on that landing page. There are quite a few sharp edges we need to smoothen. Most importantly, you should show off the app on the landing page.

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Thank you, another Good idea! Added to my todo list!

This video highlights:

  • Creating Recurring Events with Timeslots

  • Filtering and Displaying Free times based on already booked events

  • The performance of the slot generator and displaying events (would be faster if I wasn’t recording the screen at the same time)

  • Displaying events on the Full Calendar Scheduler Suite: Calendar Element

  • Displaying events on the Full Calendar Scheduler Suite: Small Calendar

  • Creating filtered recurring events and timeslots with the Full Calendar Scheduler Suite: Time Slot Generator