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I have multiselect dropdown which shows me the list of projects (which is a data type) of some customers (which is another data type). Every project name is a thing in project data type, as you can see on below screen, and this project name I am showing in this multiselect dropdown:

How I could update them separetly? I mean If i delete some project name from this list i want it delete from DB.

You will need to store initial data (in a state).
Compare the list from initial data with remaining list of item, and delete the one that are not in both list.

There is no need to seperate them with regex or something?

@Jici ,

Could you please tell me how to compare them and extract this one which remains?

You can use: Reference | Bubble
So you basically Delete a list of thing : original list:minus list Dropdown value

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Unfortunatelly its not possible:
I cannot store list of projects names in state :confused:

You need to also set your state as a “list” too

And it shouldn’t be a list of text but a list of thing (your DB name) (seem to be projektow klie)

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@Jici you are the master! Thank you so much! In some way I cannot see that I could set it as a list until you told me :sweat_smile:

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