New to Bubble, good resources for profile tag-based matching?

Hi everyone! I’m a nontechnical founder newly using Bubble to build an app that will match users immediately, based on a sorting workflow that totals the weighted values of profile tags that users have matched, then going down a descending priority chain of matching relevance.

What this looks like is this:
User Profile Tags: A C D E F 1 3 5 6 9
Possible Matcher 1 Tags: A D E F 2 3 5 8
Possible Matcher 2 Tags: B D 1 2 4
Possible Matcher 3 Tags: B F 2 4 7

Matching relevance, if letters were assigned 2 points and numbers 1 point:
User & 1: 10 points
User & 2: 3 points
User & 3: 2 points

The user would then put out a request to chat with users 1, then 2 a minute later, then 3 a minute later.

Are there good starting points for reading about how to build this functionality on here?

I’ve got takeaways for different parts of the app I’m building from different lessons, but nothing that has really answered this particular knowledge gap, which is a core feature of the app.

Please help! Thanks, glad to be here :slight_smile:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

I would say the best way would be to start to build this out in a public app, you obviously have an idea in your head about what this is doing, but without seeing something “physical” it is hard to help.

Okay, let me try making it public and I’ll link back here. Thank you for replying!

Edit: I’m only in the baby steps of putting together profile elements. Let me get back to this shortly!

did you solve this?? I have the same problem, i have users with 3 fields (which are numerical values).

I would like to compare the fields of the current user to all the other users’ fields, then get a repeating group to show the users most relevant to the current user. As the values in each fields are decimal numbers, it is dificult to get a exact match, and also some fields are more importants than others.

I have not. I’ll be addressing it in my next technical development push (soon).