New to Bubble, is this possible?

Hi All,

I am a non-technical founder that would like to build a webapp that can perform the same functions as this:

Basically, a lawyer can invite a client to a secure online video session where the client can review documents the lawyer has prepared for them. They can then digitally sign those documents after the lawyer goes over them. Would also like to implement digital ID verification using Lastly, this entire meeting would be recorded.

Is this something I can create on bubble or is it too complicated?

Appreciate your feedback!

An experienced Bubble developer can probably do 80-90% of this in Bubble without too much trouble. The other 10-20% would require some creativity to make work in Bubble (such as adding custom code in your Bubble app). As with most technology projects, the devil is in the details so these numbers are just my best guess estimates. And, this project seems like it may push up to the limits of what’s possible with Bubble in certain respects. So, you’d likely run into some tough challenges that require creative solutions and/or some custom code.

Additional Context, with a focus on the more risky / difficult portions:

  • The core workflow logic throughout the app is straightforward to create in Bubble.
  • Video conferencing can likely be done through a plugin for Bubble that uses Wowza. I presume this would enable you to record the conversation. If not, you’d probably want to build a video conferencing app in custom code and connect it to Bubble. I’ve done similar so I know this is definitely do-able. The one caveat is if you want video on mobile devices, it’s much much harder and perhaps impossible without being flexible in the requirements.
  • I’d imagine you can manage the placement of signatures by capturing the x and y coordinates of the clicks and using some Bubble plugins, but there’s a chance it requires a fair amount of custom code.
  • I don’t know how to add the signatures to the files and store them - most likely this can be done by PDFing an image of the original document with an image of the signature on top of it, but there’s a chance it’s a lot more complicated than that.
  • I don’t understand the security requirements you’d have. The video implies using certain technologies to keep the documents secure. With Bubble, there are ways to provide the security customer’s would expect from most web applications. But, it’s not secure enough to store, say, personal health data.

Thank you so much for the detailed notes my friend!

It seems the difficult aspects would be integrating the signature feature and the conferencing call/recoding… could that be made easier by using APIS like these:

Wondering if this would take care of most the custom code requirements…

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