Wonder why users can log in with any password 🤔

Hey Bubblers :wave:

Seem to be having some bugs with user logins & user accounts.

After a user creates an account, they’re able to sign in with any random password multiple times.

When they sign-in with a different password, my database still registers the email as just the one user, but none of the users previous account data is recognised/saved.

Here’s my current login workflow.

Would appreciate any help!

@lachlankirkwood1 Please submit a bug report

I think it has to do with your condition there. As long as “remember me” is not checked it will skip the log in and just proceed to the next page.

You need a condition just in case they don’t have it checked as well.

If you didn’t log your user out previously it will just go straight to the next page and since you never logged out it just shows you your users page.

Just remove the condition and see if it helps to test it.

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Thanks, looks to have resolved the issue.

Appreciate your help :+1:

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Glad it worked. :+1:

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