New Video: How to use Dropsource or GoNative for iOS/Android Bubble mobile apps

tl;dr - I recorded a 20-minute guide showing how to use Dropsource or GoNative to get your Bubble mobile app on the Apple/Google app store.

I haven’t been too active in the forum recently, mostly because the Code-Free Startup just hit 10,000 students and it’s been a bit crazy helping them all get their startups going :slight_smile:

But as my students continue to battle PhoneGap and the random plugin errors/blue screens of death, I wanted to share another solution for those of you who want to get apps published quickly on iOS/Android. So this video walks through the pros + cons of using Dropsource and GoNative, which are two of the most reliable options for app store publishing for Bubble.

Any other solutions out there proving to work well?

2018 update: Code-Free Startup has been acquired by Zeroqode :tada:- any questions can now be directed to @ZeroqodeSupport or


Great review Brent - thanks for sharing.

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glad it helped!

Have you had any issues getting apps approved in the iOS App Store with apps created through Bubble? Just wanted to know if Bubble falls under “template service” that the 4.2.6 guidelines prohibits.

Thanks so much!

I believe that Apple are referring to apps that are clones of clones of clones or simple content syndication apps that are spamming the store.

While Bubble is drag and drop, you are building your own original code.

if you implement push notifications and for example tool bar for navigation in your webview app then you have very high chances to get accepted by Apple. Bubble shouldn’t fall under template service because you can create an app from scratch. But using webview to submit an app to appstore should be justified by some native features like I mentioned above.

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Agreed, the only apps I’ve seen get rejected are simple webviews that are clearly web applications UI-wise. Putting even a bit of effort into modifying for the mobile screen and native features will help you get through.

actually found something you should tell people about tbh dropsource is trash. you can’t upload images the design tools are super restrictive and you can’t take payments also go native is $1,000 not including if you want basic app functions

@andymiller510 this is a lie. You can upload images in dropsource either from your image gallery or even straight from your camera.
I’ve uploaded images from my camera to bubble database in dropsource.
They even have a step by step tutorial on this in their documentation.

You don’t need to trash a business to promote yours.
I’m not associated in anyway with dropsource and dropsource has a lot of limitations as a new business but this is definitely not one of them.