New Course: iOS Mobile App Development!

I tried this summer and it was hopeless. Bubble Support told me that PhoneGap is anyhow depricated and should not be used any more!
Answer from Support:
" Thanks for reaching out. PhoneGap has been deprecated so we instead recommend using wrappers like GoNative, Dropsource or Cordova. For the latest solutions, you can check these forum posts. Here is a tutorial for Dropsource that one of our users posted. "

I tried Dropsource but ist was to expensive for me. All these solutions use a native WebView Container so you can try it with a xCode template by yourself. Finally I bought a template from @levon Convert Your Bubble Application Into Native iOS & Android Apps (price was then at 150 $) and I got it to the app store quite fast: ==> ‎Kigorosa - Ausflugsportal im App Store
Now I can reuse this template for further projects :slight_smile:


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