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New Web App - Experimentation Platform for Growth Teams - JetLab

It’s been a journey to get this app out. I started out building it in React over a year ago, working with a developer. I spent 5k and had a decent app but I realized to keep adding features, the money would never stop going out the door and to hire top React developers will cost you 120k+ a year.

This is when I found Bubble and started building it myself. There was definitely a learning curve, but I feel my past coding experience helped out. I got to the same point my developer got to in a matter of months and knew this was the best way to get my product to market. :rocket:

The product:

Easily collect and manage experiments in one single place. JetLab was created to help teams grow faster. Know exactly how many growth experiments you have have run, how many are up next, and how many are live.

I think I am most proud of the drag and drop, Kanban board feature (similar to Trello). If anyone would like any help building out a feature like this, just message me!

I would love your feedback! :grinning: How can I make my product better? What features would you like to see?


The screenshots look great! Love the UI great work with that it’s very clean.

One thing I noticed is the responsiveness of the index page on mobile. I clicked the link and many items have no padding and the footer is all displaced. Just something to take a look at, I don’t mean to steal the thunder of the showcase :slight_smile: great work with the product and learning Bubble!

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Glad you like the design! Thank you for the feedback and letting me know about the responsive issues, I really appreciate it! I need all the feedback I can get, don’t worry about stealing my thunder :grinning:

The button (and workflow) of the invite signup page is disabled.

okay, thank you for letting me know! I really appreciate it