Newbie question about the input box

Hey! Still only scratching the surface with bubble, been toying around for a couple of evenings now. One question that keeps coming into my mind when going through the tutorials is…

Why the need to draw the SAVE/OK button after an input box, when the input seems to ‘save’ as soon as you press enter/return (on the keyboard) anyway? It’s the button that has the workflow associated with it (that adds the item to the database) so how come the input box is doing that automatically for me just by pressing return when i haven’t asked it to? I guess it’s convenient in most cases, but i do not like things that happen that i don’t understand why. It’s as if bubble is being ‘clever’ by doing this… regardless of my desired workflow.

Ideally, i’d not have a button after the input boxes at all, and have it perform the workflow on “pressing enter” is that doable? I did not see a workflow option associated with the input box like on other buttons.

Or alternatively, ONLY allow the data to be saved on pressing the button (but not when pressing enter). is that also doable?

Hope this made sense.

As an intermediate beginner, I still have this question. It would appear that when a button is present if enter is pressed it acts as a click. That’s kinda how I grasp it. The problem comes when you have multiple inputs/buttons on an element it can’t define which buttons workflow needs to run.