Pressing Enter doesn't trigger button workflow

I have the following signup form that initially only displays the email field, but if you click the signup button it displays the rest of the form:


If I press enter, however, nothing happens. It only works if I click on the signup button.

Here’s how I set it up in Bubble:


Basically there are 2 signup buttons, and when you click the first one, it hides it and shows the second one (along with the 3 additional fields for first/last name + password).

The first signup button sits inside “Group Email” which also contains the email field, so I would have assumed that pressing Enter after typing a legit email would trigger the workflow and display the other fields, but it doesn’t (and no, I’m not preventing pressing the “Enter” key from submitting the email field).

Any ideas on how to make this work?


Before pressing the Enter click on “Tab” key on keyboard to focus on the paticular button you want to click, after then press the enter button.
If this doesn’t work reply me will figure out something else.

For starters put all fields in one group, use only one signup button, use a custom state for revealing name and password conditionally (not in WF) and set a WF action to change custom state when Signup is clicked for the first time.


Smart! Thanks @code-escapee

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