Newbie - very basic help with Repeating Group please

Hi, I’m starting out with my App by building some pages:

  • Drivers page will display some driver fields (driver number, name, phone) for all drivers in the database. It also has an “add” button to go to:
  • Add_driver page, which will allow the user to enter all the required fields for the driver type.

Add_driver is working - I can enter valid data and then it flows back to Drivers page.

The problem is that the Repeating Group container doesn’t give the expected result. It shows just one driver record. Here’s how the design view looks like:

And the preview looks like this, even though I have (I think) added more records:

Not sure what I’m doing wrong! I used the Cutepuppy video as a guide.

Another question - is there a way to “look” at the data in the database, for debugging purposes - to check that I really did enter the data.

Any help appreciated!

Make sure the data source your repeating group is pulling from is populated with multiple values, and not just Andy Fairweather Low. Check by double clicking the repeating group element, see the data source, then check in the “data” tab to see what’s actually there. Go to App Data - All ____ (drivers?) - then click the pen “edit” icon to see all the fields belonging to a certain Thing.

The debugging tool is also very useful, preview your page then press “step-by-step” at the bottom. You can click almost any text/element names in the debug window to check the data that it’s actually seeing, and the exact actions it’s executing.

Thanks for the response.
First I tried your suggestion of looking at the data source - but I can’t see the data tab. Here’s what I see when I look at the data source in the repeating group element:

Could you please explain how to find this?

Next I tried the debugging tool and inspected the elements in preview. This does indeed show that Mr F Low is the only data. Therefore my Add Driver is not working.

I found that I hadn’t set up my workflow correctly in “Create a new Driver”. This is what is now working:

I need to develop this further.

Many thanks for your help so far!

The “Data” tab is on the left side of the screen while editing your app, under “Design” and “Worlflows”


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