Niche social media UX/UI with map suggestions

Hi, all! I’m starting over on an app that I opened a while back. Had hoped to hire consultants to help me build that app, but a side venture that I started to fund that hire didn’t pan out. I’ll give a brief summary of the app followed by a few questions.

So, this niche social network will be very similar to “Nextdoor”, but the map will be fully interactive, depending on user inputs to create points of interest on the map to include events, businesses, classes, practitioners, job/apprentice/collaboration opportunities, etc. Of course, like “Nextdoor”, it’ll have a newsfeed, but purely chronological, no ads, etc.

I’m looking for pros and cons of using Bubble’s native map vs Google API vs other plugin.

Also looking for suggestions on UI/UX flow connecting the newsfeed to the map portion so that they seem to work together rather than seeming to be two separate apps, i.e. connecting chats to specific data points on the map, etc.

Any suggestions to gamify and encourage users to input data points on the map, to encourage interactions and reduce churn throughout the app?

Thanks in advance!