Tracking development time?

Hey y’all,

I’m trying to track how long I spend developing in Bubble on different applications - think a github give heatmaps for how active I am.

Is there anywhere that tracks how often I log development on one of my apps?

I’ve looked around, but I can’t find anywhere this is tracked.


Hi there, @bryce.murray… the short answer is no, and folks have talked over the years about the different solutions they use, including good ol’ spreadsheets. The bottom line is that it’s still something you have to do outside of Bubble at this time. Heck, the first person who comes along and solves that problem for Bubble developers in a way that is “integrated” into the editor might really have something good on their hands, eh?


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There was recently software we were pitched, and the software sent “kudos” to a slack channel when a developer had done X, Y, or Z. I’m thinking it could be a good way to communicate to stakeholders what I’m doing all day! Ha!


I wonder if the chrome plug-ins that track time spent on each url could track how much time you spend on each application (if you leave the app you’re working on in the foreground on one monitor that would make it more accurate)

Well, it’s been a year since this thread was active, and now there’s this.


Thanks for mentioning! :heart: It actually tracks the details on time spent on each application with a breakdown for Bubble tabs (and pages):

So, @twkrk, have you made your first million yet? :slight_smile:

First million of tracked seconds spent in the editor - yes :smiley:


Looks great. Eager to give it a test drive (and turn off the 18 zaps I currently use to track dev time :slight_smile: )

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Let me know if you have any questions or ideas! I am still improving it :slight_smile: