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Time spent building my app

Hello everyone.

I’m looking for a way to find how much time i’ve spend building my app.
With this information I can get a discount on my tax. Besides that, it would nice to see how much time i have spend building my app for future apps.

Hi there, @goduurzaam… if you are looking for an automated way through the editor to get that information, the short answer is it doesn’t exist. I’m sure folks track it in lots of different ways outside of Bubble, and I believe the idea has been brought up before to be able to track it via the editor. You can check the ideaboard to see if the idea exists already, and if it doesn’t, you can add it if you want.


Edit: the idea is on the ideaboard, and you can upvote it.

I use rescuetime for this. There are probably cheaper ways but this is automatic (I use Toggl for manual client time assignment).