No data on loading my account


Im trying to access the service and nothing is loading. I don’t know if this is the right place to report this but the forum is the only thing that i can access. Thank you!

Have you done a browser close and cache refresh, cookie clear.

Still no joy, then raise a /bug_report

Did all that for half an hour but nothing. It just came up like 5min ago so thank you anyways for replying! =) @DaveA

Same problem, but worse. domain won’t load for me at all. Have sent direct messages to support, there’s a script on the Bubble home page that is not setting a proper CORS Allow-Origin header, so page doesn’t load. Only able to send this post from my phone which has unexpired session.

Really need this fixed ASAP!

If the problem is wide spread i’m sure the @Bubble team are on it!

I’m not seeing any issues, but I haven’t closed any tabs lately, maybe I won’t now…

can you reach to raise a ticket?

Thanks, Dave. I’ve filed a bug report. Out of curiosity, can you reach from another browser where you’re not logged in? I tried on friend’s computer, got same issue.

Yep, reached and logged in no problem.

Thanks for testing. I’m at a loss, locked out of my app on every device except this one until support responds. Can’t do much from the phone except post to forum . :frowning:

I am having the same problem today. My own apps and are not working on all 3 browsers. However, they do work on my phone.

It’s working for me … the problem could be a dodgy DNS server somewhere upstream.

Some things to try; change them back if they don’t resolve the problem.

  1. Is it working for others?

  2. Try your device on a different network, like sharing your phone data or the neighbour’s connection.

  3. “Flush DNS cache”
    Flush DNS - How and why to clear your DNS cache - What's My DNS?

  4. Set your device DNS to one of the public dns servers.
    The Best Free and Public DNS Servers (2024)
    How to Change DNS Server Settings

  5. Try a VPN, either a free one or a trial period one.
    List of The 5 Best Free VPNs in 2024 & Some You Should Avoid

Five Free VPNs – And why you shouldn’t use them

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Same here. App located in Colombia. Whe open it in USA all is good.

Happened to me as well. Down this morning, back now.

Anyone else still having this issue?

Yes, @stephencharles. It seems to have reappeared. Not on all pages in my app though, which is strange. Pages that expect an ID to be passed as a page param are now hitting same CORS error and showing up as blank.

FYI Josh from Bubble is replying on a related thread:

and on

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