No Plugin Can do this

I am looking for a plugin for images but none out there can do it all and no combination of plugins get the functionality as needed.

  1. Upload images without uploading to the file manager until running an action to save to file manager

  2. Crop images

  3. Change name of image file saved to DB

  4. Compress images

  5. Add watermark that is readable on all images and centered on images

  6. Compress and save to file manager in backend workflows.

I want my users to add multiple images, then see preview of them and remove unwanted. After which they will crop images to fit dimensions of image element. Once user is done, save all cropped images to file manager while compressing images and adding watermark plus changing names of file saved to file manager on backend so my user doesn’t need to wait.

I think it quite possible -

  1. Use the plugin “Better Uploader” and set the property “file upload” to false => which will take care of the first step.
  2. Crop the images which the help of some plugin.
  3. Change the file name (Better uploader property)
  4. Use “tiny png” API to compress the image.
  5. Use “neutrinoapi” to add the watermark on the image (use the watermark image depending upon the uploaded image background ideally you need to have 2 watermark images)
  6. Then save the image to Bubble file manager. (Again use the action of Better uploader) or Call the POST API to /fileupload.

Yes, as mentioned no plugin does all of this. My point and hope is that a plugin developer would decide to make such a plugin.

Main reason being is that there are plugins that can compress (I suppose using javascript) which eliminates a need for a subscription to use tinypng api (sure it is free if your app doesn’t have any traction, but once you need more than 500 images compressed a month, you start to pay). Also, there is a plugin that does do the watermark already, albeit not very well, so, the assumption there is some plugin developer could build a plugin that does it better and eliminates the need for monthly payments to neutrinoapi as well for the watermark.

Just thought a plugin developer might put all the functions into a nice little neat package that could be paid for once, eliminate 3rd party monthly payments and require only one plugin and no use of api connector.

Ohh got it…

Thanks for clarification

Currently looking into this plugin

ImagePro Image Tools Plugin | Bubble

Spent all day with a free cropper to find out the bugs are too many to deal with.

Will create this plugin if more people require this.

I’ll create this plugin and post it here when it’s ready!