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'No results found' message in Autocomplete Search Box

Hi there

I am creating an Order Management Tool and on the first page of the ‘New Order’ wizard I want the user to be able to search for existing customers.

I’m trying to use the Autocomplete Search Box to do that and it works great if a customer is found, however if there is no customer that matches the search term the user gets no feedback that there search term turned up no results, and it’s impossible for them to know what’s going on.

Is it possible to implement a message (preferably a customizable one) that displays when the Autocomplete Search Box isn’t able to find any results?

Ideally, I’d love this message to display in the same dropdown the Autocomplete results does, only instead of having the results it would have the message.

Hope this is something that can be implemented soon!


P.S Love the product. Truly amazing what’s been possible so far!

Hi Aaron,

I can’t verify this 100% at the moment, but I believe with that element, you’ll have a tougher time referencing the actual text that has been input in order to create an alert of some kind. I’m pretty sure the value of the autocomplete refers to a selected result only.

However, you could build your own auto-complete with a regular input and repeating group. Then you’d have more control and could display an error alert message when the text input doesn’t match anything. A little more work, but worth it for the flexibility.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble