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Non-bubble JS question

Very sadly, for various reasons, I may not be able to use Bubble for one of my projects (perhaps a little too ambitious for my skill level, but I digress). So that leads me back to doing a bunch of html/css/js on the front end and Python on the backend (needed for data analysis and simplicity; otherwise node.js may be attractive). I can do a bit of bootstrap and angular (very 101 type stuff) for super simple SPA type stuff. How should I go about creating much more complicated desktop app-like experience, though? (No, make it mobile-first is not an option). Are there some frameworks for getting started with various typical stuff such as Bootstrap or Angular but with more of a desktop feel? Thanks and hopefully I can integrate Bubble somehow or use it for my other projects. Sorry if this question “competes” with the Bubble philosophy (I totally still buy it).

The Bubble forum is the wrong place to ask this question as most people here are “no code”.

But if you’re looking to learn and practice web dev, here’s a great place to start:

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Thanks Andrew. Yup I want to be “no code”. Hopefully I’ll figure out looking at something the hard way that I can/should do it the Bubble way.

I respectively disagree with this statement. By defining that this forum is limited to questions that don’t involve traditional programming languages, we limit the scope of what Bubble can do and deny further opportunities to learn, even when questions like in this thread directly asks for help outside of the Bubble ecosystem.

I’ve also seen the phrases “no code” and “codeless” used occasionally on this forum. I find it to be a misnomer considering that Bubble is a visual programming language designed to write code, a set of instructions to be carried out by a computer. If we partition programming into two groups, namely code and no-code, we create boundaries of our comfort level and our perception of the difficulty of breaking through those boundaries increases. Thus, we are less inclined to explore outside of Bubble.

@linfu I’m curious to know why Bubble can’t be used for that one project. Are you looking to making a native desktop app or a hybrid app. With the former, you’re probably looking at Swift (for MacOS) or C# (for Windows). For the latter, you can wrap your web app (either Bubble or the traditional web stack) with something like

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Philosophically, I agree with you, Scott. if we push the boundaries, hopefully Bubble will break through those boundaries as well.

In my case, I want to do something very complex. Think of Google Analytics or Pixlr Editor or Bubble itself, for example. Yes, electron could be the ticket. Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking SaaS only but there is no reason it couldn’t be a web/desktop client with services behind it (probably Python, not node). It’s all far beyond my skill level at the moment, but for some reason, that seems ok.