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Non-Repeating Lists?

Is there a way to have a repeating group, show all the values of a dynamic look up but not repeat in the list? I am trying to build a set of radial buttons which are dynamically looked up from data. I can get the radial buttons to show in a repeating group but it repeats the whole list indefinitely. Is there a way to have it just show the whole list once? I tried indefinite scrolling and ‘full list’ and in both cases it repeats the values. Maybe I am using the wrong type of list?

This is for a list of brands which is dynamically looked up from data.



A list in a repeating group doesn’t repeat itself (see, for instance, it’s a repeating group), so there must be an issue with your data. It sounds like what you need is full list, indeed.

If that doesn’t help, can you upload a picture of the repeating group settings?

Here is the list which is repeating the values despite the setting of ‘full list’:

I just figured out what I was doing wrong. Radial buttons with dynamic labels from data do not need to be in a repeating list , they automatically expand to show a radial button option for each item in the data results. So when I put it into a repeating list, it showed all the possible radial buttons over and over. Once I removed the button from inside the repeating group - it only showed the radial options once.

Now onto figuring out how to lay out a radial button horizontally instead of vertically.


To your question, it’s probably about having more columns. See this in the reference.

Thanks, spreading the radial button across four columns gave me the horizontal layout I was after. awesome.

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