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Noob question on workflow: all in Bubble, or also with workflow tool

Hello. Thanks for the opportunity to ask a basic question.

I am wondering, as I create an application around business processes, with Bubble, and connecting to other applications, are builders / designers connecting totally within Bubble, are using Bubble with a workflow tool, like Integromat, Automate, Tray ?

I plan on building an order management tool, and connecting to front end sales channels and downstream inventory and fulfillment channels.

I am wondering, should I be looking for Bubble to house all of my API workflows, or perhaps, use an Integromat as the integration layer and keep Bubble for its prime function, or should I plan on building workflows all within Bubble, even if at some points, the actual data flows and business rules are outside the core of the app?

I realize this is a broad topic, but wondering what others are doing, in how they might use Bubble with or without other workflow automation tools. Integromat, for example, can build API connections as well.

Thanks for listining

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I use both at the same time honestly.

If integromat has already a nice integration with another company, I’ll just use Integromat for the sake of simplicity and speed.

If they don’t, I’ll use Bubble’s API connector, this works perfectly fine as well.


Bubble’s api connector plugin is very powerful. Perhaps these videos can provide more information for you: