Anyone here build Make (Integromat) Plugins that connects with his bubble app?

Hi Guys
Does anyone have experience with building a Make (Integromat) Plugin that connects with his bubble app?
I would like that my app(build on bubble) users will be able to find my service in the Make list and to set up some kind of authentication to make sure data will post and send to the right person (only!)


  • i know that there is a bubble app on Make and it’s great but it’s not helping because i can’t send to all of my users my API to the entire bubble, i would like the API abilities to my users not for my app (working with API already)

I honestly do not understand what you are asking. Please try asking it another way.

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thank you so much
Will try my best :slight_smile:
I have an app that i have build on bubble

it’s a mini CRM. The user simply create a free account, invite his team and he can manage his leads/customers in a secure way so any other account in my app can’t see the other company data of course.

I have active paying clients, and i am letting them easily manage their clients in one place.

In order to build my app until now i have used the api connector in order to do few different things (like sending SMS to my clients using Make, Postmark emails and my payment option also sending webhook to my bubble app and activating the user plan as soon as the user purchase)

Now i want to keep improving my CRM and i want to let my users to send (and receive) data to their own account in my app using API (they of course dont know what is Bubble).

I want to let them an option to go to Make, choose my app, then somehow (still trying to understand my process and the direction) they will need to do authentication like any other tool on Make (for example, you choose Drive plugin>you will need to login to your drive account, or you use Bubble io then you will need to you the API from the app settings).

So i want to let them do any kind of authentication so the data will go directly to their account and no one else will see it in my app.

Use case1/100000 i have in my mind - my clients have a website/Facebook ads and then want to integrate their leads from their website to their account automatically)

So i am not sure how to make this integration between Make plugin to my bubble app in a secured way. looking for someone that already done this kind of integration

I am open minded for a quicker and better way to the that (maybe somehow with webhook so i can let the user put a weebhook under his setting page, but then what next? i can’t see this webhook becuase it’s changeing there are many users with many weebhook so i can’t set the webhook dynamicly )

Hope it’s more clear now :slight_smile:

You don’t need Make for that. If I understand correctly, you just need to create an API under Backend Workflow and give the address to your users.

Can you elaborate more on the solution you offer :pray:?

YouTube has lot of examples!

show me one :slight_smile:

YouTube has a search… use it?

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Nothing relevant.
show me one video that is relevant to my needs :slight_smile:

You are too lazy to be believed.

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Thank you

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Great help thanks :heart:

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