Not able to delete list of images created by User

Hello, I am trying to delete a user’s list of images 24 hours after it has been created.

I am using a trigger backend workflow 24 hrs after the list of images has been created, to then delete this list of images. I’m not quite sure how to get this right, as the error I keep getting is: that it’s a list of images (?), which it should be…


Any idea where to go from here?

Thanks you :slight_smile:

Set the type to ‘image’ instead of ‘Dreambooth…’

Unfortunately, that’s not an option.

Isn’t type the various data types I have? I don’t have one named ‘images’, unless I’m mistaken what you were trying to say

I’m not sure I understand your situation, but maybe what you’re trying to do is not delete but change, when you use “delete thing” or “delete a list of things” you’re trying to delete an entry (or a list of the entry) with all its fields from a table, but when you want to modify one of the fields of that entry so you need to use “Make change to thing” or “Make change to a list of things”, then to delete the data of a list field you can use “Clean List”

do you have a data type called “image”?

This is exactly what I’m trying to do. I want to delete the entire entry in this data type the user made, and the entry is a list of images.

No, these are the data types i have:

its a list of images under this data type I am trying to delete

It appears to me from the images that you sent that there is a data type called Dreambooth_... that contains fields including a list field named images, and what you are trying to do practically is to modify an entries in this data type table to clear the contents of the images list field.
If it is not like that, then I do not understand the problem

So you may use “Make change to a list of things” instead of “delete a list of things” as I explained in my first reply

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If you want to delete entire data entry from the type table so the expression should not contain :each item's images.
If you want to keep Dreambooth_... table’s entries and just clear the image list filed so you may do as I explained above.

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