Not able to filter Option Set direcly from API reponse


I make a request with the API connector and get some data back. One of the fields is an option set and even though it works fine assigning the option, it seems I cannot use it as filter. It happened two times when I tried to use :filtered directly in the API’s response.
In short, if I’m using :filtering directly in API response “Result of step XXX” the :filtered works for the other data that are text type, but not for the options set . However, If I take only the field that is an option set from the api response it works.
Result of step XXX:filtered => Does not work
Result of step XXX’s Status:filtered => WORK

But in one case I would like to filter and then access information in other fields of the response. Does anyone have an Idea of how to do it ? Should I consider this a bug ?

Here are some images of the two times this happened :

In both cases I use the following Option set :

First case : Not able to use the different opperator “<>”

Second case : Not able to use an = operator

Can you share how you mapped the fields’ types when the API was initialized?

It’s mapped as the option set

My impression is that when I use a direct reference “Result of step XXX”, it takes the raw response before it was converted to the Option Set type, even though in the editor it recognize as an option set.

Maybe try mapping it as text and then in your filter say it equals an option’s display instead. If that fixes the issue then I would say report as a bug.