Not receiving confirmation of receipt for bug report

do we know if there’s an issue with the bug report system?

i submitted a bug report on an issue with the color picker for text, and didn’t receive the standard auto-reply i’ve come to expect. waited ~15 minutes and submitted again. it’s now been ~12 hours, and still no acknowledgement of receiving either report.

i’m left to wonder if the tickets went through, if auto-emails are being buggy, or if there’s just been a change to auto-emails. has anyone submitted bug reports in the past ~12 hours and gotten the expected auto-reply?

Yes, there is an issue. I had submitted a bug twice but I didn’t get any confirmation. So I sent email directly to them.

Of course they will only look at all those when it turns Monday morning to them.

I suggest submitting a Bug Report :rofl:

I experienced the same issue. Sent email to support about it…they had received it. Hopefully it is an interim problem as they might be (fingers crossed) re-adjusting the changes made recently in which they stopped sending with the confirmation the bug report details - would really love to see those details attached again.


Don’t know why they took that away. That is so essential. We definitely need to get a copy of what we submitted.

I too had asked them for bringing that back. I took a sigh of relief when they didn’t ask me to put that on ideaboard.

I asked on the day it happened…still no change yet, fingers crossed they understand the benefit…every time I receive response from support asking me to do something regarding a bug report, I have to ask them to provide the details so I know what the report is about; wastes my time and supports time which reduces performance metrics for bug resolutions.

Haha, that’s a good idea. I’ll use it going forward.

In reality what I am doing is once I submit a bug report, if the confirmation of receipt email works, I immediately reply to it with a request for the details to be sent in their reply…so far I am getting the details 50% of the time. When the first human response doesn’t contain the details, I just wait until I am asked to create a test page, because at that point I really need the details.

The details are important because I normally submit 1-2 bug reports a day and need to keep track of them somehow.

We’re into Tuesday morning ET / BubbleTime and it still seems that automated responses for bug reports aren’t sending. Has anyone had any confirmation from Bubble that they are actually receiving these bug reports?

For what it’s worth, I just brought this thread to Bubble’s attention behind the scenes, too.

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Hey all — thanks so much for flagging this to us. Our team has deployed a fix and confirmed that the autoresponders are working. If you submit a new report and do not receive an automated confirmation, please do let us know.

Please also rest assured that all bug report details have made it through to our systems, and our team will be following up as promptly as we can. Thanks again everyone!


this wasn’t the case for me. i wrote into support@ and was informed that they didn’t have a record of the the two bug reports i started this thread about. this was ~3 hours ago, so unless they were inaccessible then and have been retrieved since, i suspect some reports were dropped.

others who experienced unusual behavior in that same timeframe: i suggest following up directly via email. (speaking of, HT to calypso who offered speedy help this afternoon!)

Hey Brook,

Thanks for flagging! To share a bit more context, the bug report submission details made it in to our internal databases but weren’t yet ported into your emailing systems (where our team would have been able to search for the report) until we deployed the fix.

Do let us know if any new submissions don’t receive any confirmation emails though, and I’ll be sure to pass along the thanks to Calypso!

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