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I have a chat system on my site, and each time a new message is sent a message is created in the database with the field isRead set to no. When the user reads it, isRead is set to yes. I would like to set up an email notification system, but I don’t want an email sent everytime a message is sent. Otherwise a chat might come with 50 messages.

I was thinking about sending an email notification if the field isRead remains set on “no” for more than 12 hours. How would I configure that?

I haven’t done that before but what about using “Only when” condition. Did you try that?

You can calculate time like current date time - created date time format as hours > 12.

This can be achieved by using BackEndWorkFlow.
When you create a message, set the ScheduleAPI for 12 hours later, and BackEnd will only send an email if it has not been isRead.


That should work, thanks!

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