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Notifications for multiple users who can delete them

Hey guys, I’m working on a discussion forum - when a user creates a new thread, others can comment on it or reply to other’s comments

The problem I have is creating notifications for the comment author and everyone who replied to a given comment. When I’ve checked the tutorials and forums, the case always was that they needed to create a notification just for one user, which is pretty straightforward - you create a notification, show it to the relevant user who can then click on an icon and delete it. What I need though is to show the same notification to multiple users and let them delete it.

I’ve created a Notification data type with multi column “Users”, I was able to show the notification to all of them, but when one deleted it, it wasn’t visible for the others anymore.

Is there a way to make this work?

Hi there, @hs55… just a quick thought here, but instead of deleting the notification, could you keep another list of users on the notification that is a list of those users who have seen/dismissed/deleted it and then filter the notification out for that list of users?



You’re a truly distinguished genius, mista!