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Hi Everyone,
Wanted to put up a post showcasing another app built with Bubble!

As with most of us being bubble users, we are building applications for either ourselves or SaaS applications that will require some form of customer support and most available customer management suites are expensive for startups or single run projects. That is why I built Nudg.

Nudg started out as a simple, free knowledge base and grew the more I worked on it.
Nudg allows you to provide self service and invidual handled support to users on your application. Currently Nudg’s feature set is:

  • Live chat support
  • Website widget
  • User tracking (first/last name, email, page tracking, first seen & last seen)
  • App store (add functionality using the nudg app store to link your existing service - Sendgrid, Treefort and are only support at present)
    -Knowledge base (collections and articles with rich creation)
  • Full customization (custom head code, colors, profile photos, names, logos, footer links - more coming in the next few weeks)
  • Team members (limited functionality at present)
  • and more

Nudg is currently in BETA while I take on feedback from the platform to build a more fluid experience as well as build up the app store more.

Nudg is also FREE! - for the foreseeable future. So check it out and maybe sugnup for a free alternative to the hefty fees Intercom and the likes of charge.

If you have any feedback shoot me an email at

Our website is

Thanks everyone!


Looks very clean but thought I’d point out that the sign up on page does not do anything even after entering my email.

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Thanks Marcus! This was a bug with that widget javascript. I have fixed that up now :slight_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience.

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How do you whitelabel the page for the client? Do you use a whitelabel solution?

Also I found a typo.

Thanks for the heads up!
In order to allow our users to have a custom domain we use a htaccess configuration on a wildcard domain that extracts the subdomain (users short url) and redirects the user to

In order for our users to utilize custom domains we use as a cname :slight_smile:

Very beautiful design. However, I wasn’t able to fully get signed up.

Got a chrome security warning after signing up.
Otherwise it looks good so far.

I also wanted to build an app but was limited by the possibility of custom domain. Can you please elaborate how you did this or create a seperate topic for this?

I know a lot of people here want to know this including me.

Would definitely appreciate your time.

I want to build a page for users like this:

Can you perhaps explain a bit more about this? Would love something like this in my app.

Hi Everyone!

I will elaborate a bit more on this later on tonight. The issue with our setup is although the user can access the site using their own custom domain, it automatically redirects to our domain. So while they may enter the url shown in their address bar at the end of the page load will always be

That being said the user can setup a CName that lets their users access their help centre originally from their custom domain.

I am looking into a better way to this, this particular way was just a quick and easy setup for the interim.


Can you let me know more about the issue you had? As I mentioned in the original post, we are in beta while I work out some kinks.


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I wanted to build a platform where Freelancers can share a link to their personal page on my domain. They should be able to select their name dynamically on signup.

So whenever a client goes to{PAGE_NAME} it will show the freelancer’s page.

The way I would set it up is when the user signs up check the custom short name against other users for uniqueness and set that as a data point called customurl

Then use the router plugin to pull the first path of a url on page load - do a search for users matching the routers path (users customurl) and set the page data as that user.

You wouldn’t need to use CName records for this

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Hi everyone!

All ssl issues should be resolved :slight_smile:

@keedanpunch this is what I’m getting when I try to login. I might have done something incorrectly.


It appears on sign up that you may have added a space in your custom domain, website URL can not have a space or it will throw an error. The only time a space can be used is in a parameter or path.

I will change your custom url to justprimp so you can access Nudg on

oops! Thanks, it’s working now.

Hi Everyone!

Just an update on Nudg for those who are interested.
I have been working hard to update the design and UX of Nudg to make it a more intuitive and functional experience. I have also added some new features.

  • Region tracking for widget users
  • Send articles right from live chat to your users
  • More app integrations
  • Friendlier dashboard and chat interface
  • Streamlined widget code and more features added
  • More streamlined App Store
  • Work in progress - Article suggestions based on users messages while in chat

I am continually working on building Nudg more and any feedback is greatly appreciated.
I have also noted an issue with my emails so if you have sent me one since I first created this post, I unfortunately did not receive them. If you can comment any feedback here please.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know what to do after the code is placed in the header. I’m team No-Code, lol. So how do you make the name dynamic on the widget? and how do you change the color of the trigger button?

I tried to design the widget to be as no code as possible but unfortunately there are certain aspects that require some front facing code.

If you’re putting it on your bubble site just replace the name variable with current users firstname and the email variable with current users email.

Make sure to replace the two values from underscore to underscore so your current user’s email will be

var email = “USEREMAIL”;

If your still stuck I can help you set it up :slight_smile:

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