EOI - Nudg - Your happy making support suite

Hello everyone!

Some of you are aware of Nudg and have been tracking the progress of the application.

Nudg is a new customer support suite that allows users to provide customised and tailored support to the website customers or users. You can create your knowledge base, add the Nudg messenger widget to you website, add apps to your widget and more. You can chat in real time with users and visitors, provide tailored support based on user status in your system, send automated messages and more.

I have decided to sell Nudg (and move onto the next project) either as a whole application for someone to build upon or provide as a SaaS as is OR to sell it as a template. Depending on the interest I receive here, I will come to a decision.

If you need anymore information on Nudg, don’t hesitate to ask.

If this is not allowed, I am more than happy to take it down.

Cheers :slight_smile: