Adding multiple 0's in a list in the database

Hi there

Im getting back values from an API and i want to store them in a list. but i found out that when a 0 is added to the list by the backend workflow the server logs show that value is added in the database its not showing up. it seems that only unique values are saved. its there a workaround for it?



There are 2 things you can do about this:

  1. Instead of the field being a list of texts, you can make it a list of things - and each thing contains a text field. That way, even if the text is the same, the thing would be different.
  2. You can get the response (list of texts). Next use the :format as thing operator in Bubble and each text can be formatted as Calculate randomString formula_Text value and add a unique sepearator (like |). Example: a list of
    would be as 1_45d | 0_3s3 | 0_24d.
    Finally, use the split by | to convert this back to a list and the updated list would be:
    Now, whenever you want to show the data, show it as the text, split by _, first item

Let me know if this makes sense :slight_smile: