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Oauth with Make(formerly integromat)

Hey all,

I have been building in bubble for quite a while, but just recently have gotten into API work using the bubble connector for the first time. I’ve successfully made calls to the api at Make(formerly integromat) using this documentation. Im now looking to develop and oauth between the two(possibly using the oauth user agent flow interface in the bubble plugin). However, I’m stuck because the documentation is not clear to me more on specific to oauth2 docs here.

I was hoping to get advice on two things:

  1. What would be the best setting to pursue(oauth user agent flow or different)
  2. What would the general steps be here.

thanks for your help I realize there is a lot in this request, and any help is appreciated.

I always go with the manual oauth integration.

Get your access token, refresh token and expiring time in seconds → save both tokens → schedule an api workflow (current time/date + expiring in seconds)-> start this process again in background